What to do after studying English at Tti? An intern’s perspective – Week 2

If your question is what to do after finishing your English course at Tti,

you should read this Blog!

Here I am again!!

♥ ♥ Last week we had Tti’s Valentine Party!!! ♥ ♥

We had a lot of fun with students, staff and teachers!!

That was a great opportunity to know better teachers and staff, to see them dancing and having fun with students and also to discover more about them.

We met at 9:00pm and we started our night!!! Music was good and beer was very tasty as usual!

See some photos below:

The party was a Proud Camden and I really like this location because reflects the vibrant spirit of Camden Town, is a place to go if your hair is purple and your lipstick black, if your taste is Victorian or vintage. But don’t worry you can go also if you consider yourself “normal”.

The building is 200 years old and was once a hospital for injured horses and today is used for exhibition and also as a club.

The club is divided in stables and each one has an original and different style.

We went in the RED ROOM for that reason all the photos are red!!

That was my 2nd week at Tti and it was nice and busy. I also met a lot of new people and we enjoyed our time together.

This week Mel & 3 students went down to the Dean Street Studios to film the famous witches scene from Macbeth – Maybe you’ve heard the famous line… Double, double toil and trouble;  Madoka, Francesca and Anna’s performance will be part of   the ‘Play your Shakespeare‘, a digital mass participation project, which will encourage people to watch, create and share content globally on Chinese social media. 

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Check out a behind the scenes video from the film shoot !

My weekend was exiting!!!! The good thing of staying in London is that you can travel very easily to all Europe and you can discover different places. So we decided to go in Dublin and that was my first time in Ireland.

I really loved Dublin! Is a small city and people are very kind.

Dublin has a vibrant nightlife and is reputedly one of Europe’s most youthful cities, half part of citizens are being younger than 25. There are many pubs across the city centre, with the area around St. Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street and Temple bar zone where you can find the most popular nightclubs and pubs. In almost every pub they play live music from 2pm to 2am!!

There is a big difference between English accent from London and from Dublin. Moreover Irish people speak Irish and English. I couldn’t understand Irish language and also their accent in English is not very easy.


I suggest to you, if you are planning to go to Dublin, to visit also Guinness Wharehouse which is huge and very interesting (also the beer is very good)!


In the warehouse’s last floor you have also a wonderful panorama of Dublin and a very cozy bar.

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