A Review of the Jack The Ripper Tour, Whitechapel, London

Mel interviewed Ana from Brazil and Giuseppe from Italy about their experience at the Jack The Ripper tour! Here’s what they had to say…

Did you know anything about Jack the Ripper before you started the tour? What did you expect to see before you went?

G: I knew he was a serial killer but I didn’t know much about all the people he murdered!

A: I wanted to go to see the places where the crime scenes took place. They showed us  a lot of black & white gruesome photos!

G:  ..and they weren’t photo-shopped!

What did you learn about the story behind Jack The Ripper?

G: It was interesting to find out that we still don’t know a lot about who he was and he’s still so famous!

A: We learnt that he was really violent  and gross slitting people’s throats and other body parts!

What did you learn about London’s history that surprised you?

G: In 1888, London was very different, there was no light and it was dirty! There were narrow streets , it was more dangerous and there were many more poor people living in East London.  At the end of the tour, you arrive at Liverpool street station and you see all the skyscrapers and the modern buildings so you can see how much London has changed.

 How would you describe the tour? Interesting ? Fun? Tiring? Scary?

A: I thought it was very interesting because the tour guide really emphasized the story and made it really fun!

G: It wasn’t too tiring just a bit scary! If you can handle scary movies then you will enjoy this tour! I agree with Ana , the tour guide was really good and made it even more exciting!

Thanks Giuseppe & Ana for participating!

Our partner Lil Adventures hosts this walk every Thursday at 5.30 PM. For more information please see the flyer below!

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