Business English Blog # 1 – Top tips for a fantastic interview!

At Tti our Business English course covers a range of topics from presentations to emailing to preparing for an interview! Mel sat down with Joe’s Business English class to ask them to give her their top 5 tips for an interview that will get you the job!

1. “Dress for success!”

Make sure you wear the appropriate clothes for the job you are applying for .  You should look smart! Making a great first impression can be the key to nailing an interview!

2. Have a good attitude!

It is important to be positive both in your attitude and about the role you are applying for . Smile but not too much ! It shouldn’t be forced!

3Arrive 10 minutes early!

It is better to be punctual and not in a rush so you can feel composed and relaxed during your interview.  Also, make sure you know where it is and plan your journey before you leave!

Tti students doing their interview practice!

4. Think about what you would bring to the company !

It is important to prepare for a number of questions including the classic ones : what are your strengths and weaknesses etc.. but also think about what YOU would bring to the company and what you could contribute !  Make sure you do your research on the company you are interviewing with so you can be as informed as possible!

Business teacher Joe drilling pronunciation of key words for interview practice.

5. Watch your body language!

Is your body language open ? or closed? Are your arms crossed? This may make you appear to be more closed and anxious. Another tip is to make sure you keep eye contact with your interviewer and sit up straight like your mother always told you!

Big thanks to Joe’s Business English class for helping us create this blog post. Watch this space for more entries on Business! If you would like to learn more about our Business English courses you can find more information at this link –

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