Accommodation at Tti School

What kind of accommodation does Tti School of English offer?

Tti is proud to offer our students a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets and preferences.

We work closely with selected third partners who provide the best quality accommodation for you, so you can stay in London in comfort. We also offer our own accommodation, managed by Tti, in the heart of Camden Town.

Single Bedroom-Tti's Study Rooms

Regardless of what option you choose, most of our accommodations are located within 30 minutes walking distance of Tti*, which ensures a fast and inexpensive commute to school and helps you familiarise yourself with the local area. This is one of the benefits of booking your accommodation with Tti School!

With such a wide variety, it can be hard to choose where to stay, so here we provide you with details about our options so you can make an informed decision about your accommodation.

*except for non-walking distance homestay accommodation.

Tti study rooms

Tti boasts two properties in the heart of Camden Town, within five minutes walking distance of the school. These rooms are managed by Tti and are exclusively for our students. They are kept clean and well equipped, and we offer a variety of rooms in terms of size and occupancy. Our friendly accommodation manager is attentive and will help you to familiarise yourself with the local area and with any issues or needs you might have.

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This accommodation is ideal for those students who wish to live independently but also have the possibility to socialise with school mates who come from all over the world, make new friends and experience the Camden lifestyle.

Twin Bedroom-Tti's Study Rooms

See what some of our students have said about their stay in Tti study rooms:

Pasquale from Italy: “I was very sceptical before my arrival. I feared people who lived in the same flat could be noisy. But they are angels: no noise, no problems, no smoke, no dirt. It has been a very nice experience for me, totally unexpected!”

Cristina from Spain: “My fellow housemates in the home are really happy, friendly, we help each other…I love them and I love the accommodation: I will miss my room and the garden” Homestay Accommodation


Tti has partnered up with a homestay agency, in order to provide friendly hosts for those students who wish to book this type of accommodation. There are different reasons why someone wishes to say in a Host Family over, for example, a residence. Maybe you wish to experience the day to day of a typical household in London. Or maybe you want to stay somewhere where there might be pets, or perhaps your motivation is to be able to practice your English with your hosts.

Street-Homestay Family

Whatever your needs are, the more you let us know about your them, the better we will be able to match you with a host family that is ideal for you. This is also the type of accommodation that is suitable for students who are under the age of 18.

Single Room-Homestay Family

We have a guide to our most frequently asked questions about homestay accommodation and you can find it here.

This is what some of our students have to say about homestay accommodation:

Giovanna from Italy: “I really enjoyed staying with my host family. They were very welcoming to me and they made me feel like home. I will miss them!”

Thomas from France: “My host Nigel is very kind and very helpful. We spent a lot of time talking about London, very interesting and helped me improve my English. He is a very good cook too!” Anna from Switzerland: “Kim my host is a very sweet person. She even let me use the kitchen to prepare food although I just had booked the bed and breakfast option”

Tti single self-contained studios

Our studios are an ideal option for independent living in London, and those who value privacy and a high standard of accommodation. We have partnered with luxury apartment providers to give you this fantastic option. Located in Kentish Town, you are only 15 minutes away by foot from the school. The studios are on a quiet side street, but within a few minutes of the hustle and bustle of Camden Town. You will be local to world-famous markets, popular bars and you will have great connections to central London. In each studio, you will get your own bathroom, study area, large bed, a fully equipped kitchenette, fridge/freezer and breakfast bar.


Anett from Germany: “The staff at the studios is very friendly and helpful if you have any issues or questions” Marina from Brazil: “I liked the accommodation very much, it`s close to the school and it`s comfortable”

Premium year-round residence

Available from February to September, the single rooms at this residence are ideal for those who wish to combine the privacy and comfort of independent living and your own ensuite facilities with the possibility to mingle with and meet students from all over the world.

Premium residence relax

The residence is located in Tufnell Park, a mere 25-minute walk from the school. It features a gym for the use of the residents, common areas and study spaces, gardens and 24-hour security.

Premium residence bedroom

Each single room in the residence has its own washroom/shower cubicle, bed, desk and storage space. The shared kitchen is fully equipped and you will have a living room area where you can hang out and get to meet your flatmates.

Max from Germany said: “The premium residence was clean and luxurious. The ensuite rooms guaranteed privacy” Standard year-round residence

Our standard residence is a great option for those who wish to combine independent living with the possibility of meeting new friends. The residence is located within 30 minutes walking distance from Tti, in the lively area of Islington, which is known for its eclectic variety of shops and bustling nightlife. The single rooms are ensuite and boast a bed, desk and storage space. The kitchens are equipped, giving you the option to cook your own meals and socialize with fellow flatmates.

To find out more about our English language school in Camden Town and our accommodation services please follow this link to our website:

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