Christmas Traditions from around the world.

Our Christmas and New Year Courses start next week! We are so excited about them and all the festivities that are taking place here in London but being surrounded by such an international crowd we asked our students about the traditions in their home countries. Join as we take a quick Christmas tour around the globe!

Alison from France explains that there, food is very important and the main meal is eaten on Christmas Eve. “We spend the afternoon preparing the food. First, we start with appetizers which consist of putting roast salmon on toast and other snacks including snails with garlic butter and shrimps and finally we cook. the turkey with all the trimmings! As for dessert we usually eat ‘la buche noel’ with literally means Christmas log cake!’

buche de noel

Charles also from France says that “different wines are selected carefully, to perfectly compliment the different dishes.” It sounds just wonderful!

Hamed is from Iran, a predominantly Muslim country but the Christians that live there celebrate and take holidays at Christmas even though the day is not a public holiday. Some shops display Christmas trees and Christmas presents at this time of the year.

In Japan, Mayu explains that even though hardly anybody is Christian there is a still a culture of celebrating Christmas. Children receive presents and families decorate Christmas Trees. Christmas Eve is thought of as a time for couples to do something romantic together, so often boyfriends and girlfriends go out and buy gifts for each other.

In Spain, Christmas Eve is also when the main celebrations take place. Juan explains that it very common to have turkey and then after dinner, the family will play games together or go to midnight mass. Sergio also from Spain says that seafood is also very popular option but what he likes most is seeing his family all together!

Elise is from Italy and she says that Christmas in ‘THE’ celebration. Families come together and the type of food eaten depends on the region but the common thread is that there is always a lot of good food. People exchange gifts on Christmas day and go to church. Vittoria agrees that Christmas is an important period in Italy, with food once again being very important with four to five starters on offer as well as two or three main dishes being served on Christmas Eve! Popular dishes include struffoli, roccoco and capitone.


In Switzerland, Hari and Darja agree that this is an important time for families. In fact, this is the common theme, it seems wherever you are from in the world, that Christmas is a time for families and friends to come together.

A very Merry and peaceful Christmas from us all at Tti wherever you are in the world!

Thanks to all our students for their contributions to our blog. To find out more about our school please visit our website

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