Diary of an intern in London! – My third week!

So, I am half way through my internship at Tti School of English already. The time just passes very quickly and not long and then I’ll be back home – in Germany. But until then I will continue to write a blog a week and tell you what has happened.



This week was a really calm one at Tti. Everything went as it should and everyone could go about their everyday life. But everyday life is the wrong word here. Because there is no such thing as everyday at Tti. No day is like the other. Even as intern, work never becomes everyday. Although some work repeats itself, of course, it is somehow different every time. I can’t explain why. But I’m not complaining about it at all.

I have to confess that I was a bit homesick this week. I also got sick with a cold towards the end of the week.
But everything quickly changed when my family came to visit me at the weekend. What a wonderful surprise!

So we used the weekend to explore the city again. Because of my experience in London to date I was able to show my family around the city with some confidence! From London Bridge to Oxford Street we visited almost everything. It was a bit exhausting if you ask me especially as the weather just didn’t want to be on our side. It actually rained continuously. I call that typically British. Even though we were soaking wet we couldn’t be stopped and were on the road every day until late in the evening.
But still the week passed very quickly. And now I am in the last half of my stay. I wonder what will happen next?

Thanks Sarah! For more information about our school please follow this link: www.ttischool.com

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