How did our teachers get into teaching?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language – a niche teaching profession which is rewarding and fulfilling, often leading to jobs all around the world. But how did our teachers become teachers here in London?

At Tti, we asked two of our teachers their stories, and here is what they had to say:

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Robert’s Story:

Teaching and learning are universal and fundamental aspects shared by all cultures and peoples of the world. Students and teachers alike come from a vast variety of backgrounds, motivations, and nationalities. My personal pathway to becoming a teacher at Tti School in London begins in the United States of America.

Having been raised in Boston, Massachusetts, a city renowned for its educational institutions, I learned to take pride in education and the thirst for knowledge for self-betterment. One day at the age of eighteen, my dream came true, and I began university. As a current teacher, I find it important to always remind myself of what it was like to be a student, to be on the other end of the classroom.

Throughout my studies, not only did I fulfil my lust for learning, but also realized the importance and impact that my teachers had on my life. The effort, knowledge, and care that my teachers passed on to their students was inspiring. After graduation I wanted more. My next quest to continue my studies in post-graduate school took me to Europe. Before setting off, I earned my certification to teach English abroad.

I have spent the last few years of my life living in Europe, with intermittent visits to my beloved home-city of Boston. I studied in Germany, then taught in Spain before finally arriving in London. Having taught in a wide variety of scenarios ranging from University Literature, working with the military through NATO and the Spanish Ministry of Defence, English language to children and adults alike, I myself have learned more than I could imagine.

My philosophy in teaching is that it is undoubtedly a reciprocal process between student and teacher as learning goes both ways. I truly believe in education and that the acquisition and sharing of knowledge is one of the brightest and noblest pursuits a human can have. In this belief, I find myself proudly continuing my work as a language teacher at Tti School in London.

Sally’s Story:

It’s a long story! I initially studied a BA degree in Geography at the University of Plymouth, England. It is quite typical in the UK to finish your first degree and think: what next? It is a very difficult time involving lots of applications for extremely competitive graduate-level corporate jobs in London and other jobs you didn’t even know existed. I had some friends at the time who were living in Barcelona, and when I went to visit them to take a break from it all, I realised that this was a city I would love to be able to call home.

DSC_0208To make this happen, I did some research into becoming an English teacher abroad. I had seen a few friends do it after university on social media and wanted to follow suit. I found out that I could train to be an English Teacher in Barcelona itself. Perfect! I applied to the CELTA course with the money I had saved, and as soon as I was accepted I booked a one-way flight to Barcelona! Upon completing my qualification, I taught in a school in Barcelona city centre for one year, walking to work each day in the sunshine surrounded by blue skies, post-work cervezas and tapas – living the life I’d dreamt of!

After a fun-fuelled year (the Catalans really know how to party!), I realised that I would like to take my teaching to the next level professionally which at the time was not possible in Barcelona. I sacrificed the wonderful lifestyle of Catalonia (I still dream of the blue skies!) to start my journey in the EFL industry in London. I was lucky enough to secure a position at Tti School of English, Camden Town. At this school I felt at home immediately: being able to really put what I love into practice, developing as a teacher with fantastic support and guidance from my colleagues. In 2019 I took on the next challenge in teaching English as a foreign language and completed the DELTA post-graduate qualification. It was extremely challenging, requiring a significant amount of hard work, but well worth it in the end.

And here we are! I am lucky to say I love what I do, thanks to the students I meet and get to know on a daily basis. Even though I don’t have the blue skies and sunshine, it certainly isn’t a chore to get up in the mornings here in London.

Thanks to Robert and Sally not only for contributing to our blog but to our happy and successful school! We are lucky to have you teaching for us here at Tti! To find out more about our school please follow this link:

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