Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View

Catch up on all the news from London and Tti School of English with Nancy our lovely intern from Germany!

In my fourth blog post, I am going to update you as to what has happened over the last two weeks both at Tti and in my life.

First of all our students joined a tour to the Bank of England Museum with our lovely teacher Helena, thanks for that! Our student Martha told me: “It was very interesting and nice”.

An other interesting event and very exciting for me was the Southwark & Bankside Walk with the 30+ course, because it was my first time that I led a group. It was quit tricky for me because my sense of direction is really not the best and we had a lot of places of interest to see on the map. We didn’t get to see everything but we had a nice time. We changed the route and had a wonderful walk along the river Thames to Tower Bridge. It was the first time that I had crossed this huge and famous bridge. In the picture you can see the 30+ students and me in front of Tower Bridge. It was just a bit windy but not rainy, so we were lucky with the weather. We had a nice time, the students are very friendly.

Image 2

What else ? On Friday 17th March we had to say goodbye to our wonderful teacher Helena it was so sad, but we wish her all the best for her new job.

And of course we had a St Patrick’s Day Party at  Loop Bar, where I went with two students and we met more Tti students when we got there. As you can see from the picture we had a nice time but of course it was very crowded.

Loop Bar

The new week started like any other for the new students with a guided tour of Camden Town. But for me it was an unusual Monday because I got the chance to lead the tour. Usually one of our teachers take this tour, but this Monday, it was a pleasant that I could guide the new students around Camden. So my second tour as leader in just two weeks, very exciting! I took  the students around Camden and they got a short overview of where the most important things in Camden are. This kind of work makes it fun because working at Tti is never boring and I can learn a lot of new things.

Furthermore the students had the chance to go to the beautiful Richmond Park with our nice teacher James. The student Raoul from Italy told me that they had a wonderful time there. And they were so lucky with the weather, I mean the sun was shining! I felt very jealous and they also saw the deer. But of course I were also very happy for them. Thanks to James for going with our students to that wonderful place!!

Then we had a lovely Games Night, organised by our fun teacher Tom, where our students could improve their English knowledge and they could practice their speaking. A night of fun, as you can see from the picture below.

Image 4

An exciting part of my free time was, that I visited Stonehenge & Bath with two students. We went by bus. The journey there lasted just 2 hours and the journey back took 3 hours. We had a very nice and friendly guide and we also had an audio guided tour of Stonehenge, it was quite interesting. Aside from that we visited the small, calm and wonderful city Bath. If you want to see these two places as well, and you’re a student of the Tti School of English, I would definitely recommend buying the tickets at Tti’s reception instead of to buying them online, because you get an offer and it is cheaper. In general I would recommend these kind of trips because you can always meet new people and make friends, and  you can also improve your English knowledge and of course you can see wonderful places near London.

Stonehenge with Raoul+Martha

Now something about my last sunny weekend: On Saturday I went with our lovely student Martha to the Shopping Centre Westfield. We just walked around  a bit and then we had an delicious ice cream in a small park next to the Shopping Centre. In the evening we went to see the new film version of “Beauty and the Beast” on a very, very big screen. It was very crowded because the movie is a classic. Really wonderful illustrations! I would absolutely recommend this movie and of course it is a wonderful chance to improve your listening skills.

On Sunday I went to  Greenwich. It was such a nice day with sunshine.I spent the whole day there. It’s not too far, you can take the train, the bus or the boat to that lovely place. Of course I went to Greenwich Park, which is wonderful. I saw a lot of colourful flowers and like the students with James in Richmond, I have also saw some deer. Then I went to the very nice Greenwich Market, they sell everything, like food, clothes, pictures, jewellery, sweets, soaps and so on. Furthermore I saw the big Cutty Sark and of course the Royal Observatory. All in all an awesome day!


Finally,  I wanted to add, that I got the chance to join the evening courses here at Tti. I am very happy and very thankful for that because of that I can improve my grammar much more. So it is an absolutely win-win situation if you’re working at Tti School of English as intern. I am very happy and thankful to be here!

And the last thing I wanted to say is that we should all be very grateful, that we, our families and friends are well and I feel very sorry for the families and friends of the victims of  22nd March 2017 but we should be strong and not afraid !

Thanks for reading my blog.

Best wishes and take care.


Once again Nancy, thank you so much for your contribution to our blog! We love reading it! For more details about Tti School of English please visit our website

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