Summer in London at Tti School of English!

Summer at Tti School (1)

We hope that you had a nice Easter weekend and a great start to Springtime! We are enjoying the rising temperatures and the blooming nature of London. But as you know, time flies and we are already looking forward to Summer when the sun will shine, the days will be longer, everybody will be outside enjoying all that London has to offer! Summertime is the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills and travel to London because here you’ll find a variety of activities, a mix of cultures from all over the world and the possibility to study English better than anywhere else. If you are still not sure about spending your summer in London, then we would like to give you ten reasons why you should:

1. There are more than 100 markets in London
2. 1,976 hectares of parks spread all over London
3. Amazing food from all over the world
4. Fantastic nightlife with pubs, clubs and bars wherever you go
5. Hotspots for many street-art artists
6. Great history and plenty of free museums and art galleries
7. It’s a fashion metropolis
8. Instagram Paradise
9. Lots of cool music, food and art festivals during the summer
10. Many well known and popular sights which are a must see

Don’t worry if you are still not convinced, because we are here to start getting you into the summer mood by sharing a lot of amazing things to do in London. We hope we will help you make the most of your summer at Tti School. Just follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date and read our regular upcoming blog posts all about summer in London!

We hope to see you soon and to book your course with us this summer visit our website or email us

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