Tti Alumni Blog 2014 – 15 years of friendships, memories & English ! :)

 As part of Tti’s 15th birthday celebration , we have endeavoured to find an alumni student from every year since we opened to contribute to this very special blog post! It has not been so easy. We managed to get a quite a few and we thank each and everyone of you who have participated! We are so grateful for your support !! 



Unfortunately it was very hard to track down a student from 1999. Email wasn’t such a big deal back then and there was no facebook!! However, we did manage to find the photo of Tti’s VERY FIRST student! Here he is with our intern, Paola, who helped put this blog together!  Ryo if you are out there on facebook get in touch ! :) (Thank you Paola!)

Here is Paola with our 1 student ever in 1999!!

Here is Paola with our first student ever in 1999!!




I am from Libya and I was in Tti for six months. I studied at several other schools in London but Tti was the best one! My classmates were highly motivated and I really enjoyed the social activities.

My name is Samira Gamboa from Colombia and I studied at Tti from January 2000 to 2003, I was coffee attender and sometimes I looked after Carlota when she was 3 or 5 months old!!.

Thanks to Tti´s IELTS and Business English courses, I did a Banking Law PGD in the LSE and Queen Mary College. Now I´m in Bogota working for the financial supervisory authority in Colombia (SFC) and thanks to my English language skills learned in Tti, I´ve got a very good employ and I´m in charge of some very important issues related to Corporate Governance and the accession process of Colombia to the OECD, so every day I thank God for Tti and all the great teachers that taught me: Kit, Tim, Greg, Vicky, Fiona, Mark, Dave… and I thank Bridie, Guy, Emma and Sian for all the help and support they gave to me and to my brother Ricardo during our time in London.

Ricardo lives in Istanbul with his wife Banu, who he met in Tti, and they have a 5 years old boy called Yunus. I´m married to Martin, a handsome German man (from Hamburg) and we have a beautiful baby girl called Carla, she is now 8 month old!!!

Hope Bridie, Guy and Sian remember me and I wish you all the best from the time coming.

A big kiss from the bottom of my heart, and HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY!!!!.



ana paula
I studied at Tti for nearly 2 years. The atmosphere at the school was great. I made a lot of friends at Tti, some of which I am still in touch with. The teachers were very professional and really sociable. The school organised a number of social events and the teachers got really involved.This extra contact with the teachers allowed me to improve my English even further. Tti was definitely the right choice.
I  now live in Recife, in the North East of Brazil.
I went to London for the first time in June 2006 and studied at Tti school for a few years. For me it was the best experience of my life and I couldn’t have dreamt of a better school or a family away from home ever! The directors were always so open and warm to everybody, the staff were really unbelievably helpful and they quickly became my friends. I grew confident in my English in a great school with the best teachers and in a city that was strange to me but slowly became a wonderful place to live thanks to Tti School as well.  That’s why the trip that was supposed to be a year and a half turned into
7 years long in the end!
 I made so many good friends in 2006, I remember Fidem, Akin(Turkey), Kata and Vicky (Hungary), Claudia (Italy), Rafa and Ori (Spain).. to name but a few, and I made so many more friends over the years.  I still keep in contact with some of them and I hope it will stay like that for life! We shared so many incredibly nice moments, picnics in the parks, visit to museums, dinners out and my first play in London! We even performed as actors in a play set up by our teacher John johannesen. It was on the Tti the roof and we managed to recite the dialogues in English in front of 30 or 40 people, it was great, especially when I had only been in England for 6 months and I couldn’t believe I was already doing something like that!  My heart and head are filled with only wonderful memories of Tti school and London and I will treasure them always, that’s why today I wanted to share some of them  with you! I will be always grateful to my school and I wish you all the best on your 15th Anniversary and many more years of success to come for truly the best school of English in London!


2008 emel aras ersoy

After I studied at Tti,  I went to the London college of international Business studies for 6 months. I passed and got my diploma and turned back to Turkey at the beginning of 2008. I started to work in Istanbul in HP Networking in Telesales . Then I decided to go back to the city where I am from which is Antalya-Alanya. As soon as I came back there I started to work in a marble company in its factory. In foreign Sales and export department. I worked for 2 years in that company. In that period I got married and I had a baby so I decided to quit because I wanted to take care of my baby for a while. When my kid started to go to school I started to work again.
I found this photo in my telephone with my friends. It was a quiz time and we won the quiz as a group and we got the red wine and shared with the rest of our friends. :)
Nowadays I am living in Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro. After I left Tti I went to a hotel management school in Switzerland. At the moment I work as a fronteira Officer Manager in a hotel. That means I am still using English. In my spare time I am a private English “teacher”. :)


florian 2009

 I studied at your school in April 2009. I had an awesome time . It was just fabulous :-)

ANA MARIA ana maria 2 ana maria now My name is Ana Maria Alonso and I am from Bogota, Colombia. I went to Tti in 2010 and I would say that the experience in Tti was one of the best in my life, while I was there I learnt lots of things and I met wonderful people who are now my best friends, and I even met my boyfriend <3. His name is Felipe, and he went to Tti also in 2010; he used to help in the coffee bar. There he met wonderful people and they used to play football and spent time together. One of the things that we most remember is Will’s class, he was really funny and he was always joking with everyone :D we have classes with almost all the teachers of Tti at that time and that was great because we learnt so many things from each one, we specially remember pronunciation classes with Dave and general classes with Mark. Thanks to Tti and to all teachers. We got a great score in the IELTS test and that helped us to get our careers to another level. Felipe is now doing a Master in Graphic Design in a Design College in Sydney and I am doing a Diploma in Graphic Design also in Sydney. We will be always so thankful to Tti and we will always recommend the school as one of the best in London.We hope one day go back to London, and we definitely will go to Tti to visit you guys!!!! Please come and say hi! :)


LAURA 2010

My name is Laura Marcela Arroyave, I am from Colombian.
I was studying in Tti above 6 months in 2010,  was amazing experience I met unforgettable people and friends from different  countries. I had the best teachers.  Now, I am living in London and studying pre Master because my dream is a Master in directing – Cinematography. 
Luis studied at Tti from August 2010 to April 2011.  We think he’s lookin pretty cool with his shades on! :) Was this photo taken in London  Luis ??
I have been at Tti in 2011 for 2 Months. I think it was from May until July. I can remember that to this time, there was the release of the last harry potter film and a big premiere with all the actors took place in London.  Jan, You should come back and join the Harry Potter tour! :)
MARTIN 20111
I was at Tti in August 2011. It was a great time for me. I had several classes during my four week stay. They were all good, but I have a special memory about my business english class with Nas. She was a fantastic teacher and she is a really nice person. Every single lesson with her was different and she kept us learning and smiling all the time. And I really can need this business english skills in my job now.
Further I met so many other nice people at Tti. With some of them I am still in touch. Of corse we had some good nights out ;) Since my stay at the Tti I was in London another three times. I really like the city and also the countryside around London.
Currently I live in Milan and I work at Louis Vuitton. It was such a pleasure to meet all of you!
I was in Tti in 2012 and I spent  six wonderful weeks. That was awesome. You are so lovely and kindly. Unfortunately my English level is not really high but I try to improve it every day and I always think about Tti experience.
When I arrived at home I tried to get my language exam, after get my degree. Tell the true it has successfull…  :) I am not an English teacher, :) and i have to learn more and more…
Now I work like an Engineer in Székesfehérvár.
I enjoy my life and I hope one day I will be able to visit you again!
Thanks for everything what you gave me!
Mattia Varriale
I studied in Tti in 2013 and I am currently enrolled in a MSc here in the UK at Oxford Brookes University. About Tti I love the international and multi-cultural ambiance,where everybody aims to study English of the course and enjoy the most fun area of the best city of Europe. My unforgettable memory is the first day I bumped into my actual girlfriend in the conversation class. :)
EJIIN2014EJIINeijii with luke
Hi, my name is Ejin Chang. I’m from South Korea and I live in Seoul. I’m 22 years old.

I have studied at Tti school from October 2013 to April 2014.

I joined so many social programme activities and parties. I think Halloween party is the most memorable party ever!
I miss London and Tti school’s atmosphere. I really enjoyed my life in Tti school with nice teachers and friends.
CHLOE 2014
My name is Chloé Guyon, I come from France and I am an architecture student.
I went to Tti School for two weeks last August and I only keep great memories from this trip. The atmosphere is really friendly and everybody in the school are here if you have anything to ask. The staff is really well organized and the teachers are very nice and kind. Moreover their courses are very helpful to improve your English. I spent a really great time in this school, I hope I could come there again !
Thank you again everyone who helped make this blog possible!! To find out about any of the courses mentioned above please visit – !

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