Vegetarian and Vegan food in London

London is a hub of vegan and vegetarian friendly food and culture, from craft beer to vegan fish and chips.

Our senior teacher Sally has decided to make the most of this in 2020. Here’s her story…



“On a Friday in early January, I had a typical lunch at work of leftover chicken from the night before. I was teaching that afternoon, and through the whole lesson I realised I felt pretty terrible. I felt heavy, full and uncomfortable. I powered through, and 5:30 pm soon came round. Quite often on a Friday night I have friends over for dinner, and that night it had quite naturally accumulated to 12 for dinner! Three of whom are vegetarian and two vegan. No problem there: one of my go-to dishes for hosting vegan/vegetarian friends is a large slow-cooked ‘chilli sin carne’ which you can find the recipe for here.┬áIt is delicious, filling, cheap and easy to share with a crowd.

The next day, I went for a walk with my boyfriend and we ended up at Market Hall Victoria. I decided to go for a delicious Thai green curry from the kitchen ‘cookdaily’. It was delicious, and just happened to be vegan. They offer a wide range of food there, and several of the sellers are completely plant-based. You can read more about food at the market halls here.

Ever since, I have been eating vegetarian food, and it has been so easy! There are alternatives for everything, and I experimenting with more vegetables has been really delicious and the best thing is how good I feel physically. I no longer feel so full in the evenings that I only want to veg out the sofa (pun intended!), but I have lots of energy and sleep well when I do choose to go to bed. Some of my friends are vegan and hats off to them, but my downfall is cheese. Baby steps!

I have been so surprised at how easy and intriguing the options are in London. Times are changing, and this vegan/vegetarian ‘trend’ is certainly here to stay. I hesitantly went out for dinner with friends to one of our favourite meat-oriented Asian restaurants without high hopes of a fulfilling meal. The place is literally called Bone Daddies, but to my surprise I was able to enjoy an absolutely exquisite vegetarian mushroom ramen. I highly recommend this place for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. My boyfriend has even got on board, and has tried out recipes such as this bean and halloumi stew. Yum!”

London is one of the most exciting cities in the world for food, and there are vegan or vegetarian options almost everywhere you go. The charity PETA has crowned London as the worlds most vegetarian-friendly city. Timeout magazine has regular features boasting London’s vegan scene. You can see their list of top restaurants for vegetarians here. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, London is your (meat-free) oyster! You should definitely check these hot meat-free menus while you study with us.

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