/h/ Sound – Pron Series EP 3

learn english 3

Hi guys. Welcome to the Pronunciation series. My name’s Frits and I’m here to help you with a little bit of pronunciation today. Now, everyone, take a deep breath through your nose, and breath out of your mouth. And again. And one more time, without making noise through your nose. If you did that, congratulations! You just made this sound! That’s right, it’s that letter H. Which is a voiceless sound, it’s just air coming out of your throat, kind of like yoga. It’s a very important sound because without it, we can misunderstand a few very important words in English. For example the word heart. heart becomes art, like a painting. Hate becomes eight, like the number. High becomes eye. And heat becomes eat. Now, we have to also be careful because sometimes some words have that H in it but we don’t pronounce it at all. For example honest, honesty, we don’t pronounce the H there. Exhibit, no, not there either. Exhibition, nope. Honour, no. And the adjective honourable. It’s not pronounced. And of course everyone’s afraid of ghosts, which has an H but we don’t pronounce it there either. I hope this helped you a lot, and don’t forget… H… that’s how it’s pronounced.

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