British & American English Pronunciation – Pron Series EP 2

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Hi guys, welcome to the second episode of the Pron series. I’m Sally and I’m from England. Hi, I’m Robert, I’m from the United States. Excellent, and we’re gonna talk about some words today that are different in British English and American English pronunciation. So our first word today, what’s our first word, Robert? Tomato. Okay, so, you say tomato, and I say tomato. Okay, so, tomato, yeah. Okay, and the next word, what’s your next word? Herb. Herb, okay, so in British English we say herb, so we pronounce the silent H, herb sound, okay. And then, what’s your last word? Finally, basil, the herb. Yea, related, sounds like you’re ready to make a pizza with the words. So we would say basil in British English, okay. My first word is Zebra. Ahh, I think you mean Zebra. Okay, so that’s Zebra versus Zebra. Okay, one of my absolute favourites is Aluminium. Ah, Aluminum. Very different! And one of my last ones is, well, we call it a buoy.  A buoy is found in the sea, where you mark safe areas to swim, so, the balls that float. And you would call it… a bui. Bui! A bui, not a boy.  Ah, absolutely is brilliant for me. So for me the same pronunciation as girl boy, boy and bui. Fantastic. Okay, thank you very much, that’s Pron series episode two.

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