Have you ever thought of taking the guided tour at the Globe Theatre in London ? Maz & her class tell us about their day out !

A tour of London would not be complete without a tour of the Globe Theatre!  Maz’s class went to visit the Globe on a sunny day here in London and here’s their report! 

Our class visited Shakespeare’s famous Globe because we have been reading Romeo and Juliet and sonnet 18 this week in class. We started our journey at 9am, it was a morning full of excitement, even though the London tube was jam packed and overcrowded. When we finally arrived we started our guided tour. Our tour guide was a young energetic woman with a lot of knowledge about the globe. We really felt as though we had left 2016 and entered 1599, it was an unbelievable feeling. Although the globe we visited was only a replica of the original globe, which unfortunately burned down by special effects they used back then e.g. fireworks and canon balls, it felt as though we were standing where Shakespeare and his actors had once stood.

They lady told us that there are still performances of Shakespeares plays in the globe today, we wished we could have stayed there until the evening and watched one of the fantastic plays.


It was a wonderful day, one which we can tell our friends and family about when we return home.

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