International Friendship Day 2017

Whether you celebrated International Friendship Day last Sunday or today, we thought you would like to read this blog written by two of our former students Sara and Paola from Italy who met at Tti! Read on to find out more about their international friendship!

Sara writes…….The first time I met Paola I didn’t know she would become someone important in my life, who I am grateful to have met, to be honest I didn’t really like her very much when we first met!

We are so different but our path crossed while we were both living a similar life experiences ( living abroad, working as a nanny and studying at Tti School of English) and the rest is history!

A lot of fun, laughter, food (it’s all about where and when we eat) and beer. In one word: true friendship.

Paola says……….I could finish this blog to describe our friendship and all the fantastic moments Sarà and I spent together but I’ll also write a few words on this important day. Tti School had an essential role because I could not have met Sara without being at that school and even if at the beginning we didn’t like each other that much, step by step we discovered our friendship could  last forever.


Spending three years in London far away from our families and friends was so much easier with a true friend next to me. We spent such beautiful adventures together, we cried, we laughed a lot and we had such lovely trips together. Now we live in two different countries but we still keep in touch and tell each other all the news we have day by day. I don’t think I could have got through London’ experience without Sara! Happy International Friendship Day to everyone!

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