International Cat Day 2017

As you may already know we are real cat lovers here at Tti! In celebration of International Cat Day today, our intern Louisa has written this great blog about her cat who she misses very much!

My little rascal: Lotta

Some of you might know Astrid Lindgrens Stories about Lotta on Troublemaker Street, it was one of my favourite books as a child and the protagonist “Lotta” was always some kind of role model for me.

So, of course, when I got the chance to name our new kitten, the choice was crystal clear.

We got Lotta from our closest animal shelter (BTW: Do not shop, adopt!) in December of 2012 and she has made our home a home and our life a lot better.

Her fur has three colours: black, white and a feisty shade of red.


Her character can be described as feisty as her red specks of fur, but don’t be mistaken: She has never in her life killed a single mouse… she occasionally tosses them around our garden and thinks of them as a toy but they were always able to escape last minute.

Our dog might not be as lucky the next time he wants to play with her . Fullgrown Labrador vs. the smallest little cat ever… Thought the Labrador would win the belt? Nope you guessed wrong. One ferocious hiss and a  eager swish with Lottas paw and our dog, Emil, is nowhere to be seen.


I have been in London for 5 ½ weeks now which means I haven’t seen her for a loooooong time and I miss her (and the dog, but it’s national CAT day after all) like crazy. Especially when my feet are cold by night and she is nowhere near me to make them feel warm and cozy again.

So all of you who are able to give a home to a little kitten and are considering anyway: what’s there to think about? You might have to give up your throne as head of the house, because your cat will call the shots now but it is more than worth it!

My cat in her natural habitat: Queen of the castle:

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