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Welcome to Topup Learning, a complete online English school. A global online learning platform focus on English language, business, and bite-sized professional programs. Today we are going to learn about listening tips in our one minute English lesson series.

Video Transcript

A lot of students ask me, “How can I improve my listening? Should I watch Netflix with subtitles?” Well, yes, of course watching TV shows, listening with subtitles for fun is good, and it will help you, but you should also make better use of your time.

Try this, for example: Watch ten or twenty seconds of a Netflix TV show without subtitles then stop it. Try to write down as much as you can remember of what you heard. Of course, you can’t get everything, but then compare what you have written to the subtitles, and see what you couldn’t understand. You will expand your vocabulary, and add to your grammar.

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