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Welcome to Topup Learning, a complete online English school. A global online learning platform focus on English language, business, and bite-sized professional programs. Today we are going to learn about how to learn & remember vocabulary in our one minute English lesson series.

Video Transcript

What’s the best way to learn and remember vocabulary? Well, don’t write a list of single English words and a list of translations. Translation is ok and it helps you remember, but you need full sentences in English and you need to write a personalised sentence for you as well.

Let’s take the word ‘a big fan’ ok? If you’re a big fan of something, it means you really like it. Like a TV show, a movie, or a singer. So, I can say I’m a big fan of jazz music because I really like jazz. So, you need to write: ‘He is a big fan of jazz music.’ But what are you a big fan of? Are you a big fan of Lady Gaga? Are you a big fan of action movies? Make sure you write it with a personalised sentence, and you can remember.

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