Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View

London! I’ve been here for three months already! I am so sad if I think about the end of July, because that’s when I have to leave London. For now I should focus on what else I can do during my last two and a half months. The wonderful Tti School has always some suggestions, both during the weeks and also for the weekends.

For example our students were able to go for dinner at the Japanese restaurant Wagamama’s with our lovely teacher Mike! The food is absolutely delicious there, you should try it and participate the next time. As you can see on the picture below, they had a good time there. Last week I went to another great restaurant called Chopstix. I love it there. You can eat Chinese noodles, egged rice, spring rolls, caramel chicken (sounds maybe weird but in my opinion it is absolutely delicious) and much more and it is not expensive, you can choose between small, medium and large boxes and the prices are between £5.00 and £7.00.


In addition Mike also lead the Speaking Workshop with our students, where they were able to improve their speaking skills for free! Thanks a lot to Mike! Our students told me it was really useful and helpful!


An other great experience for the students who are new to London was the visit to the Tate Modern Museum, the Language Exchange and of course our Bowling Night!

The Language Exchange is always a very good way to improve your English knowledge and your speaking skills for free. You don’t have to pay for the entrance just for the drinks if you like and these aren’t too expensive. So I would absolutely recommend that you go to this event. Thanks to John for going with our students!


Furthermore we celebrated  National Doughnut Week, were we of course ate doughnuts during the office meeting, what else?! Thanks a lot to Sian for buying them, they were delicious!!


I would also recommend some of the things that I did over the last few weekends: I visited for example the very interesting Wellcome Collection in Euston Square and the British Museum, which is huge.You can’t see everything in there, but if you would like to see as much as possible you have to spend the whole day there. I also visited the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, which is a natural history museum that is part of University College London. It was very interesting.Then I visited also the Tate Modern Museum, where you can see a special kind of art. I was really surprised what people call art i.e. a white picture. But if you would like to have an overview of London you should visit the museum as you can access to the roof and an amazing few over the city!


I also went to a lovely Italian restaurant “Pulia” near Borough Market and played pool in the bar “Number 1 “ next to  London Bridge Underground Station. The price for the pool table is £10 per hour. I also went bowling next to the Westminster Underground Station, like our students last week, you can read more about that below, which was really short (you have to pay for every 20min) that’s a little bit expensive but the drinks aren’t very expensive. And the most important thing is that it was fun.

And if you don’t want to leave Camden and you’re looking for a delicious restaurant and if you like Mexican food then you must go to “The Earl of Camden” it’s absolutely good food and not too expensive, for a full plate with a burrito, nachos and fries you just pay £6.75! That’s wonderful!

Back to our lovely students: They had also a lot of fun with our teacher Johnny when they went to “Rowans Tenpin Bowl”, it’s not far from the school, just 20min on the  underground to Finsbury Park. As you can see from the picture below they had a lot of fun! Bowling is always a great thing to do in your free time with friends. You can have a drink and a snack, you can listen to music and of course you can chat and play with your friends, even if you’re not the best bowler! Bowling is always fun!!!

As you can read: studying at Tti is an absolute pleasure. You don’t just improve your English, you can also make friends and you can also learn a lot of things about the wonderful city of London. Go for it and study at Tti, I promise you won’t regret it!

Best wishes, Nancy

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