What’s it like to study on a CAE Course at Tti School of English?

Our latest FCE and CAE courses started two weeks ago. Lorane from France tells all about the first few weeks of study and what it is like to take an exam preparation course at Tti School of English.

Hello everybody! I’m Lorane and I’m in the CAE class. We are currently in our second week but I will talk about the first one.

There are 8 people in the class. It is nice to be in a small class. James, our teacher, is teaching us techniques for the exam. We wrote our first essay, as part of our homework. We are waiting for the feedback from James! I hope it will be good! We do have homework every day, which is not a bad thing if you want to pass a Cambridge Exam.

During our first week, we looked at every part of the test to get an idea of what is in store for us. I found it quite good, not too scary!

You also have to work a lot on your own. All in all, the class is quite fun. There is a calm atmosphere in the class and considering it is an exam class it is not too stressful! I appreciate the good ambience with only good vibes and we all get along really well. We have of course been learning a ton of useful vocabulary including idioms and phrasal verbs.

Thanks for your contribution to our blog Lorane! For more details about our FCE and CAE Courses please click the link: http://ow.ly/5nHI30b7cmz

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