Mel’s top 5 places to check out in Kentish Town!

Kentish Town has been getting quite a lot of attention recently! A new article this week in Time Out highlighted their top picks for great spots to check out in Kentish Town so Mel wanted to give you her top 5 places to visit in Kentish Town!  

Here are the links and addresses of Mel’s top ten in Kentish Town ! :

1. Owl Bookshop –

2. Phoenica Food Hall –

3. The Pineapple Pub

4. The Lion & Unicorn Theatre –

5. Oxfam Shops – Kentish Town –

Time Out’s guide to Kentish Town –

Special mentions – Caffe Doppio – great Italian coffees here :) and Le Moulin – Bakery yummy middle eastern treats , pastries and more!

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