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Welcome to Topup Learning, a complete online English school. A global online learning platform focus on English language, business, and bite-sized professional programs. Today we are going to learn about the Remember To Do VS Remember Doing in our one minute English lesson series.

Video Transcript

Welcome to TopUp Learning and welcome to your one minute lesson. Today we’re looking at two structures that are similar, they have different meanings and learners can often get them confused, remember to do vs remember doing.

Let’s look at remember to do. We use remember plus infinitive to we remembered before the action and then we did that action. E.g. I remembered to post the letter.

There are two actions, remembering is the first, and then posting the letter is the second. So did I remember before the action or after? I remembered before. Remember doing. We use remember plus verb plus ing (or gerund) to show we remember after doing the action. E.g. I remember posting the letter.

There are still two actions but posting the letter is the first and remembering is the second. So did I remember before the action or after? I remembered after.

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