Volunteer Week at Tti

This week is Student Volunteering Week in the UK & beyond! We would like to share with you our own experiences as Volunteers! Everyone has a different story to tell and all of us enjoyed have so enjoyed giving back to our communities. 

Melissa’s Volunteer Experience at East London Radio:

I have been volunteering for East London Radio for the past 4 years . I remember it like it was yesterday . It was  a sunny day in May. I went down to a pub in Wapping right on the river Thames for an initial meeting where I proposed doing a Culture show for East London Radio where I would cover the independent theatre & arts scene around the area. To my surprise they said yes and so the Culture Show began!

Started by Aaron McCarter & Ian Chambers, East London Radio aims to provide routes into radio for young people, recent graduates, the long term unemployed and those within up and coming areas in East London. The radio’s playlist ranges from soul to disco to hip hop, jungle, grime and even the odd classical track.

We have accomplished so much since we started in 2013 ! Over the last 4 years, East London Radio has been a media partner with the Leytonstone Arts Trail,the exclusive community radio station covering Danny Boyle’s Shuffle Festival in December 2013 , the BFI Film festivals, hosted a launch party on top of the Orbit in Olympic Park and now have been invited back to host a pop up radio station in the V&A!

Our event is actually tomorrow ! The 26th of February !

Here’s the poster ..


Ophelia’s Volunteer Experience:

This week is volunteer week at Tti, so I want to share my volunteering experience with you all.

I love dogs, in fact, they are my favourite “people” in the world. Sadly I don’t have my own dog in London yet ( but I am hoping that I will one day), so in my spare time I enjoy volunteering for Hersham Hounds organization.

Hersham Hounds is a sanctuary located in Walton-on-Thames, about 30 minutes away from London by train. The charity is part of Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare, and they are dedicated to looking after and rehoming ex-racing greyhound dogs.

Hersham Hounds takes in dogs that have been retired from their racing careers. This may be due to age, injuries or unsuitability for racing,  they look after them until they can find a loving forever home and a human family. Hersham Hounds runs solely on the financial backing and hands-on help from volunteers, so on weekends I try to get there as often as I can.

A typical day of volunteering at Hersham Hounds sanctuary will involve getting down and dirty! Volunteers help with everything, from cleaning the kennels to walking and socializing the dogs, feeding them, bathing them or just playing with them. There are many ways you can help: the rescue centre always welcomes donations such as dog food, blankets, bleach, dog toys or money. If you wish to help further or get involved, you can visit http://www.hershamhounds.org.uk/

They have a calendar of fun activities that you can join throughout the year, such as greet and meets, bake sales, sponsored walks and charity golf tournaments. Check out some of the photos below! If you are interested in helping out, come to see me to my office and I can give you some more details.


Viv ‘s Volunteer Experience:

In 2012 I did some ‘Environmental Volunteering’ as I wanted Work Experience in the countryside.  I worked with BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers). 

I worked with a group in the grounds of a youth hostel in the Peak District, one of the most beautiful parts of England.

The work involved cutting back overgrown bushes and building some natural steps in the forest. It was hard work but lots of fun!

Viv Canal

Watch this space for more details on our new General English + Volunteering programme! Email us if you are interested at info@ttischool.com

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