Ophelia’s Blog

Hello and welcome to my first blog entry! My name is Ophelia and I am the new Registrar here at Tti.

I am originally from Argentina, but I have lived in London since 2004 so now I consider myself to be a Londoner! I have always worked with non native English speaking students, something which I love as it has allowed me to meet many wonderful people, experience difference cultures and learn about the diverse backgrounds of my students.

My first week at Tti has gone very smoothly! Everyone has been so warm and welcoming, and I am very excited to have become part of the Tti family. I am always happy to get to know my students, and I am here to help you have the best possible experience while at our school.

You can find me in reception and my door is always open, so feel free to pop over to see me if you need any help, have any questions or just want to have a bit of a chat.  Looking forward to meeting you all!


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