What happened at Tti School this week? Janine and Alina, our interns fill us in!

Hi everyone! This is Janine and Alina , Tti’s new interns from German!! We will be keeping you up to date with weekly blog posts about what’s happening at Tti during our time as interns here at this fun English school in Camden! 

Our first days at Tti School of English were exciting! The staff as well as students greeted us with open arms. It was a super busy day as many new students were coming in and we got to learn quite a lot about our new tasks. If we had any questions we were free to ask everyone!


During our first day we have been welcoming new students, updating the database, checking the attendance and creating certificates for the leaving students.

For lunch we went to a lovely place right around the corner, the TORTILLA.

Look at this! Do we need to say more? @tortilla 

In the end we joined one of the teachers, Edward, for a lovely tour through Camden. Thanks a lot for all the tips for finding delicious food and pubs, we are looking forward to trying them out!

We hope that we can improve our English, meet at lot of people and enjoy time at Tti!


Lots and lots of new things to learn. Especially about the importance of social media @ Tti. And we also got to visit the other building at 158 Kentish Town Road. You need to come and visit just to see what Bridie did to this place, it is quite amazing. You can even listen to a podcast with Bridie all about her art & idiom boxes here –

During our break we decided to take a step back from international cuisine and try out some British food. If you like fish, chips and a lovely fifties atmosphere, you have to go to Poppie’s! Polkadots, headbands and roller-skates surround you while you enjoy variations of cod or haddock to the sound of The Cordette’s “Lollipop”. True, it is not the cheapest place to eat but the portions are so huge that it’s enough for lunch and dinner. @popsfishnchips


Today we could peek into a couple of lessons with Helena and Maryam which gave us a nice overview of their teaching methodologies. A little highlight was the weekly office meeting with our colleagues in 158 Kentish Road over Skype! Nothing fancy to eat today but we had an exciting lunch with Edward who, by the way, is a fellow comic book fan :)


A busy morning with Angela showing us her field of work. Such amazing micromanagement skills! During the day we received a lot of sign ups for the bowling evening. In the end, it was a huge group of 30 people and apparently they had a blast.

You know was else was a blast? Our super spicy curry from the market! Just remember, if you ask the cook to spice it up, you need to be prepared for what is coming.


These couple of days have passed by so quickly. On one day we are greeting the new students and on the other we are already having a little leaving ceremony, this time with a unique Italian atmosphere. Goodbye everyone! Have a nice trip back home and hopefully we will see you back here @Tti soon enough! @TtiSchool

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