Where will an English Course take you in 2019? Manuel tells us about his experience.

I’ve been taking English courses at Tti School for the last ten years, studying there every time I’ve been to London, which is one of my favourite cities in the world.


The first time I travelled to London was in August 2008. During the economic crisis, one of my best friends and work colleagues, Vanesa, was fired from our company. She went to London looking for a new job and a new life and I decided to go and visit her. Before my visit, I asked her to help me research English courses. I was lucky because she was visiting Candem when I asked her. She was walking just in front of your school… and she told me to go there (she only told me about this “selecting method” some years later…) I choose an intensive 30 lesson programme, for three weeks.

It might sound quite weird, but It was the first time I had studied English in English, and I was so scared about it. Thanks to the Tti team, I felt comfortable with my English level throughout the whole course and it really helped me to increase my self-confidence when I had to speak with others. As a result of all these things, when I returned to Spain my interest in English started.

Over the following years, I returned regularly to London to study at Tti and I developed both an interest and skills in English, through experiential classes and a very rich and varied offer of activities that the school organises. During this period of time, I have learned and I have met lots of new friends from all corners of the world with whom I still keep in contact. To study at Tti means learning in a homely environment, with friends around. Friends are the most important thing I have got during all these years studying at Tti School.


Tti teachers have always listened to me, answering my questions patiently and guiding me along the path of learning English. They mix theory and practice, consolidating what you have learnt during the first part of the class.

Recently, I was talking with Ray Dalio, who was in Madrid for a couple of days. I was talking with him in English, thanks to Tti!

Thanks for your contribution to our blog Manuel! If you would like more information about studying at our school then please click on the link: www.ttischool.com

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