How Tti School of English can help you achieve your career goals in 2019

On your first day at Tti School as part of your speaking test, one of the questions we ask all of our students is what their main objective is for taking the course. It’s really important for us – and you – to know what your aims are, as with this information we can help you reach your goals in the fastest and most effective way possible. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular answer we receive is that students are learning English in order to improve their career prospects.

Some students have just finished university and are using their gap year to improve their language skills. Some students have been sent to us by their companies, others are looking for a promotion and know that stronger language skills will benefit them. Sadly, some people have found themselves unemployed or redundant but have taken the positive step of using their career break to build on their skills. Whatever, the situation, one thing is for sure here at Tti we can help them all achieve these goals.

Obviously, just by taking the decision to come to London and take a course with us is the first step and simply by taking our General English courses some of these objectives can be met as basic language skills will be improved over the duration of the course. However, since career progression is one of the main reason for students to join our school, we have also put in place some extra programmes to support the language acquisition and help students to improve their chances of employment or promotion!

Every Thursday afternoon we hold a Career Workshop. This is an opportunity for students to join a small group and get some practical advice from one of our experienced teachers on CV and cover letter writing, interview and presentation skills, updating your LinkedIn profile as well as writing applications and personal statements for university.

Getting a globally recognised qualification will also enhance your career prospects and at Tti School, we prepare students for three of the most popular English language tests. IELTS and the Cambridge First and English plus courses. IELTS preparation is the most popular and courses run year round and start every Monday. Our Cambridge courses run for 8 weeks in closed groups three times a year. The next one will start on 15th April.

We can also prepare students for a variety of other recognised qualifications such as TOEIC, TOEFL, OET and BEC. We prepare students for these less frequently requested exams on an individual basis with one to one tuition. Typically students chose our Special Combination course for this type of exam preparation as it allows them to combine a group course of General English with the one to one tuition focusing on the specific skills required for the exam. This course is also great for students who want to focus on improving a particular area of their English skills so once again it is an opportunity that we offer to help with your career progression. For example, if you have a big interview coming up, then individual tuition is a great way to prepare or perhaps you want to focus on the English used in your career field, for example, Medical or Legal English then once again our private tuition is the best way to that.

Why not get some work experience while you are in London? This is such a great way of enhancing your CV and really maximising your time in the UK. We offer very different programmes suited to different student profiles but they all have one thing in common, they will all definitely improve your career prospects. Get some work experience in your career field and take our Professional Work Experience programme. Get some practical experience and earn some money while you are in London and take our Paid Work Experience Programme or give something back whilst also gaining some invaluable experience with our Volunteering Programme.


If you are already living and working in London then we can help you to consolidate and fine tune all that English you are learning in your everyday life with our part-time evening course which takes place every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm. This course looks at the English skills you will need in the workplace, and in life, offering a practical and friendly learner environment and a great opportunity to meet people in a similar situation to your own.

If you are in need of some inspiration why not read one of these blogs written by Tti students who have achieved their goals?

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So what are you waiting for? Enrol or enquire today to see how we can help you take the next step up the career ladder. We are waiting to hear from you.

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