Why study English in London? Giorgio from Italy gives us his top 5 reasons why!

Hi guys! I’m Giorgio! Have you ever been to London? Did you study English there? Well, if you haven’t yet and are thinking about it here are my top five reasons why you should study English in London at Tti School!

1. It’s a great city!

London is fantastic. There is nowhere better in the world. You can find everything you want in every single minute of the day! So, you have only to choose and start to enjoy yourself!

2. English is everywhere!

You don’t speak english in your country as much as you want? Come to London right now! 24 hours per day of English! At home, in the pub, at school, on the underground, EVERYWHERE! Total immersion is the best way to improve your language skills

3. Prepared Teachers

If you up until now you haven’t had a good method of learning English, then the teachers at Tti in London will provide that. They will give all the support you need.

4. Far, but not too far

Ok, London is in the UK far from your home country and your family and friends. But it could be an excellent opportunity for them to visit a European capital, one of the best for sure!

5. One bad thing!

Food, food, food! As an Italian, I love food and I love Italian food! It’s difficult to find all the good things that we have in Italy but British food is ok! There are lot of big brands and restaurant chains like the ones we have in Italy so you can find some familiar things! So come to London to study and enjoy the fantastic culture they here!

For more details about Tti School of English and our well prepared teachers please visit our website www.ttischool.com

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