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Tips to improve your pronunciation

When you are learning English, often the goal is to be able to have a conversation without the need to pause and interrupt because you don’t know the word or how to build a phrase. Naturally, the focus of many students learning English is to amass new vocabulary, learn grammar structures and have opportunities to speak as much as possible.

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Eponymous Adjectives

The flexibility of the English language and its potential to stretch, adapt and mutate knows no bounds. If you are learning English in London you may have noticed how easy a noun turns into a verb ‘google it’ or a verb into a noun ‘the take away from this meeting will be…’, on the streets only at first, then by rules of usage, those become official.

English Conversation

121 Lessons

Group classes or private lessons? Many students ask themselves that question when they decide to look for an English school and embark on a English learning journey. Of course every student is different – some come to London to study in a English school for the language experience but also the vibe.

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The Most Difficult Languages in the World to Learn

Thinking of learning English and questioning whether it is a difficult language to learn? Sure, English is a strange language that originated from many other languages and as a result has complicated relations with spelling and pronunciation – and all those exceptions to grammar rules! But what many people don’t really talk about is how much English speakers struggle to learn other languages.

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Top 5 places and things to do in London

So you’re thinking of learning English in London. First of all congratulations on this life changing decision. London is one of the most, if not THE most cosmopolitan and diverse city in the world. Nowadays having fluent English is an essential skill to have whether you need it for work or studying; if you want to travel or communicate with people from around the world.

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Placeholder names

What’s that thing called again? Placeholder names in English

What do you say when you don’t know or forget the name of an object or a person? Many languages have their own words to fill this memory gap and the English language is no different. In this blog, we will talk about some weird and wonderful Placeholder Names in the English language, their meaning and use.

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