A Review of the Street Art Tour in East London

Annika, a Tti student from Germany, reviews a Street Art Tour which was on the Social Programme earlier this month. Here is what she had to say about it:

On  Wednesday the 13th  we had a Street Art tour in East London. It was really amazing and our guide did a good job.

East London was a poor area of London, before it became popular, because of the streetart. Nowadays there are living many different artists or famous people. As well you can see different street styles and a lot of  “crazy“ but interesting people.

Many artists started painting on walls in East London. Now this area is also kind of fancy and you can find many different and individual stores. Additionally, you have to visit the market on Sunday at Brick Lane (starts at 10am till 5pm).

We started our tour on Brick Lane. Here we saw so many different types of graffiti. All in different colours. Some in dark colours and some in bright ones. As well every single graffti has its own structure. So you can see so many individual prints.

Of course to paint on walls is illegal so most of the artists are unkown, because they do not sign it .However, in East London there are also some special places  where artists are allowed to paint. So here you can see a lot of graffiti in the same places. Sometimes they are signed so you know the artist.

Also there are kind of rules for example it is very disrespectful to paint over some art. This shows the other artist that you do not respect his work.

street art blog pic 1There are different categories of artists some of them are very famous now. For example Banksy (he was one of the first artists who are known for his work). You can see his work around the world.

Also there is Shepard Fairy, who started on the streets with graffiti, became famous because of his campaign for Barack Obama in 2009 and now owns a fashion label “OBEY“.

Or the artist who just let us be part of his art. These types are often unknown. They just paint and want to share it and don’t want to become famous or want to reap the benefits of it.

The most important thing about graffiti is that the graffiti often criticises something or the artist wants to open the eyes of society.

For example ,it shows the society,  how everything  has changed with time and  how we deal with our envrioment and nature. Often they show some politicans or a critcal situation in a country. This is often to emphasize this conflict.

But the criticism is always in a peaceful way, it is not an instruction.

Anyways, when you have the chance and the time to vistit East London DO IT. You would not regret it.

street art blog pic 2This graffiti below is one of Banksy’s . It’s behind a glass, because Banksy has  become so famous that many people stole his art including the whole wall!!

street art blog pic 3street art pic 4
street art blog pic 5street art blog pic 7
At the background of the picture below you can see the art of Shepard Fairey the owner of the fashion label OBEY

street art blog pic 6
street art blog pic 8street art blog pic 10
For more information on the Street Art Tour please visit – www.streetartlondon.co.uk/tours/


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