It’s the final FCE & CAE Diary of 2015!!

 Over the last 8 weeks we have asked our  FCE & CAE courses to blog about their experience on their  Cambridge courses here at Tti School of English in Camden Town. Here are the final 2 before they go and a special word from their teacher Maryam and Mel , the Sales Exec. in reception! 

Cambridge Group 2015

Cambridge Exam Groups with their leaving certificates!!!


FCE Diary :

Hello I’m Taka . We are now in the last week . I’m sure we have all been improving a lot! We will do something on Friday which is the last day of the lessons. We were discussing what we are going to do. It has kind of a vote everyone wrote something we want to do on a paper and I wrote “Party at Maryam’s home!!”. I hope we will choose it and do it!

Of course!  We do study about writing , reading, listening and Use of English in the class. On the other hand, we also have enjoyable things like visiting a museum last Friday. Finally I would like to say thank you for your support to our teachers – Helena & Maryam. I had a great time with our teacher and my classmates!

Mel & Taka Blog Post - Cambridge Diaries copy

Taka & Mel in 158 ! Thank you Taka for all your blogs & your enthusiasm!

sheryl & Mel

Sheril & Mel ! You will be missed!!!


Mel here ! I work in reception at Tti 158 and I just want to say that I have so enjoyed having both of these lovely classes here! They always came in with great big smiles on their faces & also helped me to create the ULTIMATE 158 PLAYLIST FOR OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Check it out here –

I will miss you guys! :)

CAE Diary:

The last hurrah! A glance into our CAE class!

cae selfie

Maz: Wow it’s the last week of the CAE course we’ve worked hard and we’ve had some seriously funny moments. What will you miss most?

Lina: I can’t believe it’s nearly over! I’m really going to miss saving my daily stories to tell you guys in our morning catch-ups and the bond we’ve created as a class.

Lucas: I totally agree . I’m definitely going to miss our class atmosphere and the inside jokes we ‘ve created as a class.

Emilie: Guys I’m actually so sad that our time together is coming to an end. It’s going to be so weird not to see you all everyday.

Lucas: We’ll have to have a CAE reunion

Lina : Well i’m for sure coming to visit you in Berlin and Hamburg.

Maz: And how are you feeling about your CAE exam next week?

Emilie: I’m really nervous , but I also feel confident. We had our last mock this week and we’ve practised every part of the exam so I feel ready!

Lucas: Yeah we’ve prepared a lot . I know I’ll scrape through.

Emilie : I’m sure we all will . For sure!

Lina: I’m scared exams are really stressful but now the exam for me is secondary to the experience and memories I’ve had with you guys . You’re all invited to my wedding ! #futurehubby

Lucas: Haha! Oh the hashtags they were never ending . I sometimes use them when I speak to my friends and they find them so strange.

Emilie : #goodtimes

Lina: #awkward

Lucas : #hashtagstopthehashtags

Maryam: So what’s your favourite expression idiom or phrasal verb that you’ll be using in the speaking exam?

Emilie: You are what you eat.

Lina : Fore sure its’f or sure! And also in the lap of luxury.

Lucas: Born ready! Scrape through.

This has been a wonderful class to teach a group of young adults with excellent determination and energy. Fantastic humours and just an absolute joy . They’ve worked hard and played hard and I have the utmost confidence in them doing well on the exam! Good luck guys! #CAELife  – Maryam

For more information on Tti and our next Cambridge course is on January 18th! For more information and to take a pre-test please visit - or email us at 


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