FCE Course-A Challenging Experience!

FCE Course-A Challenging Experience!

Guido from Italy returned to Tti in October to take our FCE Exam Preparation Course. He first studied with us on a General English Course between January until July and then he decided to return to challenge himself on this 8 week intensive course. Read about his experience.

I started the FCE course one month ago and it was not like I expected it. So what did I find in this course?

First of all the programme is very hard and with a lot of detail. Every student has to learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar. Moreover, every expression and word that we study is very specific and it can be used only in a certain context.

Secondly, the thing that I most enjoy is my teacher and classmates. I did not expect to find such lovely students and professional teacher. The atmosphere in the classroom is always nice and we help each other. Furthermore, the teacher really cares about our progress and  exam and he is ready to help us with every problem.

Finally, my advice to any students taking this course next year or considering it would be to recommend doing extra homework on top of those that you receive from your teacher! You’ll need to study hard but it is worth the effort!


To conclude at the moment this is an excellent and useful experience that I suggest to everyone wants to improve his English and challenge himself in a different way.

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