Exam Courses at Tti!

Our Exam Courses finished last week. Maria studied on the FCE preparation course and took the exam last weekend. Read all about her experience!

Nowadays, most people know how to speak English, even if it is not their mother tongue because most companies demand a high level of English, but how they can they find out what their exact level of English is? Take an exam!


FCE (First Certificate in English), is a Cambridge Exam which allows you to know if your level of English is high enough for the job. The exam has 4 parts. Reading and Use of English, Speaking, Listening and Writing.All of them have specifics exercises and require different skills and it is necessary to achieve an overall score of 60%.

If you want to prepare properly for the exam, you should book a FCE course where they teach you to do the exercises, focus on exam skills as well and improving your grammar and increasing your knowledge of vocabulary and then you will be ready to take the exam as I did.

My most challenging section of that course was Part 1 Reading and Use of English because of my low grammar skills, however I enjoyed the classes a lot and of course, I have improved my grammar skills.

If you are interested in taking this course and want some advice then ask your teacher about any doubts you have and for sure you will pass the exam.

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