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Idiom in a box

Around the school you will find these art boxes. They have been made by Bridie, one of the Directors of Tti, as a fun way of illustrating some of the many strange idioms and expressions we might us in English.

Idiom in a box

These are all expressions connected with 'home'


To play away from home - to cheat on your partner.

Charity begins at home - look after your family first.

A home from home - a play where you are comfortable when you are not in your own home.

It was nothing to write home about - nothing special.

That was a bit close to home.- something too close to the truth

What's that when it's at home? - What does that mean exactly?

Make yourself at home - my home is your home.

Home is where the heart is - Wherever you are happy can be your home.

We are home and dry - the job is finished

The chickens have come home to roost - The truth is now clear.

Until the cows come home - You could do this for a long time.


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