Living and Working in London!

What is it like living and working in London? Here is an update from Nancy, our amazing intern about what she has been up to over the past few weeks.

Before living in London I would never imagine that the time flies so fast!

The weeks started again with new students at Tti. I assisted my colleagues to collect their passports and ID cards. After that I put the new students into the database and create new student cards. New tasks that I have been doing over the past few weeks the last were to take photos of the new students! I also assisted during a video shot and was able to  have a look at how the booking process work her at Tti. Furthermore I was able to help out replying to a German enquiry. It’s always interesting to have new tasks.

One of my class teachers asked me: “Do you like the work here at Tti”? And I told him without batting an eyelid: “Yes, I like my work here very much.” And he said: “No one of the is listening to you, you can tell me the truth.” But I replied : “No, really it’s absolutely interesting and great to work here, I really like my job. It’s varied, I have some responsibility, my colleagues are nice and friendly and the atmosphere here at school is very good, so what do you need else to be happy in your job?!”

An excellent example of this good atmosphere is the vey cute tradition of celebrating the staff members birthdays in a nice way with a card, a cake and some snacks and drinks. We celebrated Viv’s and Angela’s birthday the last few weeks!


Now, something about the latest activities that our students have been getting up to here at school: Our students were able to join the Speaking Workshop. It was very busy and the students had a lot of fun with our lovely teacher Tom, who organised this workshop. Some students told me that they really improved their speaking skills, while they were speaking to each other in a big but also in small groups. Thanks a lot to Tom!

An other wonderful programme for our lovely students was the “Graffiti Tour of Brick Lane”. It is such a nice place with beautiful graffiti on the walls. Our students could get a different view of London and cultural aspect that they may not have seen before. And they told me, that you can buy everything you need at Brick Lane Market. So all in all they had a lovely afternoon, with our nice teacher James. Thank you, James !

Furthermore we had a lovely Pub Quiz night! The students were able to improve their general and English knowledge. They had a nice time.Thanks a lot to Tom! Then my week ends with a nice chat in a pub with my colleagues. Thanks for asking me to join you! I really enjoyed the time with you all!

And my last few weekends have been very exciting, because I went to the lovely and wonderful city of Brighton. The sun was shining the whole day, so two friends and me were sitting on the beach. We didn’t swim in the sea but we felt the splash of the waves, which was lovely. In addition we went just one hour from Brighton to the Seven Sisters of Eastbourne also a very lovely place, where we had a walk along the sea. In Brighton we have also saw the Pavilion, which is a really beautiful building. This building, the blue sky and the green grass, made the day really perfect. And of course the chats with my friends. We also saw the Brighton Pier, which was very busy with loud music and many attractions. At the end of the day we were very tired, but you can take the train to Brighton, it takes you just one hour and twenty minutes. It is a really comfortable journey and if you are early enough booking your tickets, then you can buy them online, for a very cheap price. My friends and me paid for example just £11 for both ways.

Furthermore I visited the two cities Manchester and Liverpool. I was so lucky with the weather because in Manchester was the sun shining the whole day. I went to Market Street and I was listening to a lot of very nice singers and I enjoyed the walk along the canal and the view over that from the bridge. It was an absolutely lovely day. In Liverpool I also walked by the sea but it was a little bit cloudy and rainy. The atmosphere in Manchester was for me me much nicer. But if you would like to see it for yourself to decide which is your favourite city, then go ahead and buy a cheap Virgin Train ticket. It’s a wonderful way to travel cheaply and a great chance to see a lot of cities in the UK and to hear the different accents. I was really a little bit shocked when I heard the people in Liverpool speaking English. I mean I thought my English wasn’t too bad and that I can understand a lot but when they are talking very fast I couldn’t understand a single word. But don’t worry about that, if they speak slowly you can understand them of course!

And if you really just want to stay in London then do it. Because here you can see of course also a lot of wonderful things. I have been living here London for two and a half months and during the Easter break a friend from Berlin visited me and I saw a lot of new places. It’s unbelievable how much you can see in London. I showed my friend the biggest sights like London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and different and interesting Markets like the Borough Market, Camden Market and Brick Lane Market. In addition I showed him Hyde Park where we rented a bicycle because the Park is huge and it’s much faster.

So all in all you can’t see everything in London but I would recommend to see a lot of different places like the big sights in the central of London and in comparison to that the lovely green and huge parks, I am always surprised that such a big capital City has so many green and calm places. It’s lovely!

And now back  again to our students: More recently our students have enjoyed the lunch at Nando’s. They told me, that it was  delicious and as you can see from the picture, they had a very nice time together, thanks to the teacher Tom for going with the students to that nice place to eat good food.

What else? They  also visited the Science Museum, which is great and they had the wonderful chance to improve their pronunciation for free at our Pronunciation Workshop, with our lovely teacher Mike. Thank you Mike!

As you can read, the Tti team is always trying to create as many exciting activities as possible for our students, so that they can enjoy themselves and their time here at Tti.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a good time.

Best wishes,

Your Nancy

Thanks again Nancy for a great blog! For more details about Tti please visit our website

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