National Poetry Day 2017

It’s National Poetry Day 2017 and the theme this year is ‘freedom’! We love this classic but humorous poem by Edward Lear about an owl and pussy cat making a bid for freedom to get married! How romantic!

No excuse not to celebrate International Owl and Pussycat  Day on or near 12 May in schools, museums, galleries, zoos and botanic gardens all over the world.

You don’t just have to share The Owl and the Pussycat, Edward Lear’s most famous poem in English or Literacy lessons with your pupils or students.

Why not study it in a foreign language? You can find it in Bengali, UrduPolish, Swahili, in fact in almost every language from Arabic and Afrikaans (‘De Uil en die Katjie’) to Zulu (‘Isikhova nekati’)

Until recently, You could  find spoken, sung and written versions of  The Owl and The Pussycat in many languages  on the wonderful website.

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