Our Favourite Olympic Moments!!

This week, Tti students and staff joined together on the comfty couches to enjoy some international snacks and the figure skating on the big screen TV in the study lounge!

While students enjoyed the triple axels, Mel interviewed the students on their favourite Olympic moments in history.

Luke (a Tti teacher and a great singer!) said he really enjoyed watching the boxing live at the Olympics in London in 2012! He watched about 10 matches!!

Thibault from France said the skiing was his most preferred sport to watch while most of the students said they loved the opening ceremony at the London 2012 Olympics!! :) Especially the Queen and Daniel Craig’s cameos!

Deborah said she ‘ll always remember Marie-José Pérec who  is now a retired, French track and field sprinter who specialised in the 200 and 400 meters.

While our Italian Giacomo loved Steve Bradbury’s speed skating skills , our Koreans were thrilled that Yuna Kim made it to first place for figure skating!!

Shazleen loves shot-putting and actually played it at school!! Elena loved the 2004 Athens’ Opening ceremony as it reminds her of summertime.

Our Japanese student, Chisato, loves swimming and Justine loved the lady who won the Judo gold medal!! (I cant’ remember her name!)

Leo , our Brazilian , loves bobsledding!

We’d love to hear from our former students what their favourite Olympic memories are ! Get in touch !

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