What’ The Difference? /i:/ vs /I/ – One Minute Video Series

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Welcome to Topup Learning, a complete online English school. A global online learning platform focus on English language, business, and bite-sized professional programs. Today we are going to learn about pronunciation difference between /i:/ vs /I/ in our one minute English lesson series.

Video Transcript

Hello, welcome to top up learning and welcome to your one minute lesson. Today we have a lesson on pronunciation and two sounds that learners often get confused. /i:/ and /I/ but what is the difference?

Well, they are both vowel sounds but /i:/ is a long sound and /I/ is a short sound. Can you see the different shape of my mouth, /i:/, /I/.

Now close your eyes and listen, can you hear the difference? Sheep, ship, lick, leak, cheeks, chicks, bin, bean. Now open your eyes, did you hear the difference?

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