What to do after studying English at Tti?

If your question is what to do after finishing your English course at Tti, you should read this Blog!

Here I am! I am Dalila and I am from Italy. I studied at Tti School for 2 months and now I am doing an Internship in their lovely office in Camden Town.

But let’s start from the beginnig: I started my English Lessons at the beginning of November: I was studing in the morning and working in the afternoon shift at Tti cozy and friendly Coffee bar. It was for me a good opportunity to meet new friends from all around the World and practise hard my English.

Since the first day in this school I have felt like at home: everyone is very kind and they try to help you as much as they can not just with your English but also in every issue you have. So when I told them I wanted to live in London and work here they came out with the opportunity to make an Internship within the School, so I had an interview and I have started last week working and I will be within them for the next two months!

That would be for me the perfect situation where I can earn experience in a office in London but also to practise every day my English speaking with both students and Tti’s Team. My tasks are many and differents: welcoming student on Monday morning for the first training and their speaking test, update database with all student informations, student booking records, and so on…

Last week I was trained by the other kind Intern Anja who left :( (you can read more about her in her weekly blog).

Me and Tti's new Intern Dalila

As you probably know every week we have a different Social program scheduled so, to make a long story short, you can go out with other students for free and without arranging anything beacause the school is preparing a good program for all the week! For that reason this week for Ti school is very important and exited: we are going to have our Valentine’s Party on Thursday! So at school you can feel that love is in the air!

20160208_171431-2If you want to know more regarding our Valentine’s Party check my next blog!

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